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Rev. Shawna Bowman and Rev. Julian DeShazier appointed to Experiential Education and Field Studies Experiential Education | McCormick Theological Seminary

Rev. Shawna Bowman and Rev. Julian DeShazier appointed to Experiential Education and Field Studies Experiential Education

McCormick is delighted to announce that, as of September 1, the Reverend Shawna Bowman and the Reverend Julian DeShazier will join the Experiential Education and Field Studies (EEFS) Office in expanded roles. Both Rev. Bowman and Rev. DeShazier bring their rich experience as pastors, community activists, members of the teaching team for Reflection on the Practice of Ministry, contributions in denominational arenas as well as commitments to art and music to this ministry of experiential education.

Joanne Lindstrom, the Jean and Frank Mohr Director of Experiential Education and Field Studies and Associate Professor of Ministry, said, "We believe their presence will lead McCormick to another wave of creativity and wisdom as, together, we lead EEFS into the mid quarter of the 21st century!"

Rev. Shawna Bowman While Rev. Bowman and Rev. DeShazier are not strangers to the McCormick Community, they should be more formally recognized. Rev. Shawna Bowman is a pastor in the PCUSA and a theological and liturgical visual artist. She holds a M.Div. from McCormick Theological Seminary (2009) and has worked as a chaplain and parish pastor. Rev. Bowman currently pastors the unique and radically gracious community of Friendship Presbyterian Church that meets in the Norwood Park Metra Station in Chicago, IL. Rev. Bowman works with churches, faith communities, and not-for-profit organizations to help them tell their story through visual arts. She also paints, builds, and invites others to encounter God through art-making during worship and other events. Rev. Bowman is passionate about empowering others to integrate visual-arts in their spiritual and worshiping life and to consider what the creative process can teach us about creating vital and dynamic faith communities. She teaches workshops and leads retreats in order to provide space for artists to integrate their spiritual and creative selves as well as learn how to incorporate the arts in their worshiping communities. You can find Shawna’s work and words at artforgodsake.com and her sermons and lectionary reflections at shawnabowman.com.

Rev. Julian De ShazierRev. Julian DeShazier joined University Church as Senior Pastor in November, 2010. He is a Chicago native, a graduate of Morehouse College, and the University of Chicago Divinity School. Prior to beginning at University Church, Rev. DeShazier served as Teen Pastor at Covenant United Church of Christ, and has also worked extensively with the Coca-Cola Leadership Program, and the Fund for Theological Education. Rev. DeShazier is also an award-winning musician and songwriter, known to many as “J.Kwest.” Rev. DeShazier won an Emmy in the “Best Historical/Cultural category” for his short documentary, “Strange Fruit,” a video filmed with the Salt Project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Billie Holiday’s song. Nationally, Rev. DeShazier, aka J.Kwest, has appeared in JET, Rolling Out and N’Digo magazines; on Dr. Maya Angelou’s Oprah & Friends radio station, and at the Children’s Defense Fund; Urban Ministries International has named him “Living Black History,” and his first album, LEMONADE (2015), continues to receive critical praise across the music industry. His second album is soon to be released (click here to read more about Rev. DeShazier’s music and here for more about his ministry at University Church here).

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