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Following Earthquake and Tsunami Threat Jamaica J-Term Class Participants Are Fine!

Our travelers, students and faculty, are safe in the aftermath of the earthquake last night. The threat of tsunamis, that they’d been worried about, has passed. McCormick refers you to the story on CNN. 

In Memoriam: James J. McClure

James was born on September 23, 1920 and passed away on Sunday, December 17, 2017. Jim was a long-time Chicago lawyer, but also served as a captain in the Navy during WWII, and served two terms as President of Oak Park’s village board from 1973-1981. Jim was one of the civic leaders in Oak Park...

First Job Out of College: 7 Things to Consider

People often ask me what my most important career choice has been. That answer is surprisingly: it was my decision to do a year of service after I graduated from college. My year of service impacted every major part of my life and defined my career trajectory. I’m not talking about getting into the...

Before the Dawn: The Advent of Hope, Justice and Joy

I remember him using the phrase over and over again while we were studying the 100 Years War. At the time, I thought to myself, “Wow, it took a long time for the dawn to arrive.” Advent, the season that marks the month before Christmas, is a special time of year that holds in tension both darkness...