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Solo Pastor - Ft. Pierce, FL | McCormick Theological Seminary

Solo Pastor - Ft. Pierce, FL


Listed 1.9.2018  
Employer Goodwill Presbyterian Church, 606 N. 29th St., P.O. Box 1537, Ft. Pierce, FL 34947. Phone: 772-466-9570.
Location Ft. Pierce, FL
Start Date 6.15.2018
Type Full Time

Be sure to check out their MIF#: 00233.AA0 at the clc.pcusa.org.

This called position is eligible for someone seeking their first call. 

The ministry and history of Goodwill Presbyterian Church has been rooted in a strong foundation of sacrificial love that encourages our congregation to give themselves fully to the service of Christ Jesus. This has been visible from our first roots in the 1920s though to today’s forward thinking congregation. It has been evident during its high and low periods of life throughout our history.

We desire to become a stronger Presbyterian Congregation in terms of diversity and service. To accomplish this we have reorganized our Sessional Committees to reflect that vision and engage a consultant to train us. The vision is reshaping with real clarity as each Elder is assuming more and more responsibility as active and spiritual leaders.

Our congregation is a diverse group from each area of the county, that have traditionally and professionally been involved with education and service to both the elderly and young.We presently have one project aiding children to read after school.

Our Pastor will be one who is involved in the greater community and an equipper of the congregation to be more involved. We see the Pastor as our Teacher and Guide, who will keep us always in sync with Our Lord, whatever our mission or service. We are looking for someone who:
Is compassionate
A leader in preaching and worship
A strong communicator
A facilitator for change
Good at framing strategy and vision
Is good at collaborating
Has excellent interpersonal skills
Is a motivator
Is open and flexible

To inquire, contact the chair of the PNC, Leroy Johnson at johnson.leroy@comcast.net

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