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Pastor, Head of Staff - Westfield, NJ | McCormick Theological Seminary

Pastor, Head of Staff - Westfield, NJ


Listed 12.19.2017  
Employer The Presbyterian Church in Westfield, 140 Mountain Ave., Westfield, NJ 07090. Phone: 908-233-0301. Web site: www.westfieldpc.org
Location Westfield, NJ
Start Date 2.1.2018
Type Full Time

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PCW is an inclusive, welcoming community grounded in the Gospel, living out the Christian commission to share the word of God, create new disciples, and serve others. Guided by the Holy Spirit since 1728, we are constantly evolving to discern God’s vision for our lives.

PCW lives out its vision in the form of intellectually challenging and impactful preaching, coupled with small group learning, fellowship, and biblical exploration. We appreciate the life changing power of worship and reach out through traditional as well as contemporary style services that are enhanced by outstanding music programs.

Our vibrant youth ministry and youth mission contribute to the reputation of our church as a leader in our community. PCW places a high priority on child, youth and adult Christian education as well.

Leading with inspiration from the Holy Spirit and through spiritual practices, study and prayer, the senior pastor will encourage each of us in our relationship with God and lead us by providing vibrant preaching and personal example. The senior pastor’s dedication to serving others will draw the congregants of PCW toward continued and greater opportunities for evangelism, mission, and service.

The senior pastor will be a teacher as well as a leader, supporting the development and growth of adult education programs. Encouraging, mentoring and collaborating with staff and Session, the senior pastor will partner with the congregation to create an agile, well-functioning church, living up to its full potential, where all persons contribute to its mission and objectives to serve Christ.

Through spiritual development, commitment to Presbyterian ideals, effective communication, inspiration and maturity, the senior pastor will be able to connect with both traditional and contemporary worshipers, relating across a range of age groups, thereby weaving the entire community of PCW together as the body of Christ.

Our next senior pastor needs to be:

  • An effective preacher and teacher of the Word with strong spiritual grounding whose clear and consistent theological views and authentic Christ-centered life enable him/her to inspire the congregation with skillfully delivered sermons.
  • A well-rounded communicator comfortable in a variety of settings and topics. He/she should be versed in the use of multimedia forms of communication essential for spreading the Word in today’s culture.
  • A shepherd attentive to this flock while also being sensitive to the needs of individuals within it. He/she also must be attuned to the workings of the congregation, adept at recognizing the strength of a community committed to following Jesus, and an advocate of open dialogue.
  • A vision collaborator who will guide the PCW to fulfill its mission through the incubation of leaders from among the staff and those in the pews.

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