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The Cynthia Price Pastoral Residency | McCormick Theological Seminary

The Cynthia Price Pastoral Residency


Listed 10.26.2017  
Employer First Presbyterian Church, 617 N. Elm St., Greensboro, N.C. 27401. Phone: 336-373-0445. Web site: http://www.fpcgreensboro.org/
Location Greensboro, NC
Start Date 8.18.2018
Type Full Time

First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro, NC, will welcome its fifth pastoral resident for a two-year term in August 2018. The residency program was established by a generous bequest from a longtime and faithful member, Cynthia Price.

A primary focus of the residency is to identify and develop leadership skills and a collaborative leadership style. We seek candidates who yearn to grow as servant leaders within the context of the church as the body of Christ. The program is designed to nourish pastors as spiritual and organizational leaders and to provide a well-balanced start for their pastoral careers.

Candidates should hold the M.Div. degree and be on track for ordination in the Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Certified candidates may be ordained during their residency.

The resident will serve in several core ministry areas throughout the term of the residency while serving in other ministry areas in rotation. To further develop the resident’s servant leadership, he/she will engage in study, be mentored by staff and members, and seek out other experiences to develop as a collaborative leader. The resident will also be welcomed into the life of the congregation and community by a liaison support group of members.

Ministries Throughout the Term

  • Worship leadership – The resident will assist in leadership of weekly and special worship services. The resident will also participate in weekly planning for Sunday worship and in some meetings of the Worship Committee.
  • Preaching – At least quarterly, the resident will preach at a service at First Presbyterian, or at another church in Salem Presbytery, or will lead worship at UKirk, the campus and young adult ministry at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
  • Teaching – Working with the Director of Christian Formation and Christian Formation Committee, the resident will plan and lead one or more classes and/or small groups each season. The resident will also observe and reflect with educators on a variety of teaching and leading models such as small group facilitation, large group lecture, Bible and theology study groups, interacting with youth groups, video discussion, and book clubs.
  • Outreach – There will be an opportunity to engage in local and international outreach through personal involvement, planning, and learning. Working with the associate pastor for outreach, the resident can learn a great deal about what makes for an effective outreach program, best practices, and challenges along the way.
  • Church governance – A part of the resident’s learning about planning and decision making will include attendance at Session meetings, weekly staff and cabinet meetings and Presbytery meetings.
      • Congregational Care – The resident will nurture relationships with church members by visiting them in hospitals, extended care facilities, and in their homes. As appropriate, the resident will offer devotions at care centers and assist with planning and officiating memorial/funeral services. The resident will participate in weekly meetings of the congregational care staff and have exposure to the art of juggling the many facets of ministry leadership while caring for self and others.
      • Christian Formation – The resident will participate in weekly staff meetings; meet with the children, youth and adult CE committees; and teach or lead mutually agreed on classes. There will be the opportunity to help educators develop ideas for inviting, training, and appreciating lay leaders and develop, select, and evaluate curriculum for various age groups – all of which contribute to the leadership skill of annual or seasonal program planning. The resident may choose an overview of all age groups or focus on one age group during the rotation.
      • Discipleship – To encompass evangelism, membership engagement, and communications, the resident will participate in First Presbyterian’s evangelism to the Greensboro community through external and internal communications, including technology. The resident will connect with visitors who seek a faith community and want to learn about First Presbyterian by helping teach our visitors' class, Explore FPC. There will be opportunities to attend new member events and work with staff to enhance our process for welcoming visitors and engaging new members.
      • Stewardship– Working with the Stewardship and Generosity Committee, the resident will experience the theology and practice of faithful stewardship in the life of the congregation.
      • Finance and operations – Exposure to the business and finance sides of the workings of a large church is important. Opportunities to learn from the Director of Finance and Operations and the Executive Pastor are encouraged. Issues such as the annual stewardship campaign, staff supervision and policies, understanding financial statements, and growing legacy gifts and endowments are just a few areas that will be covered.

          Enrichment and Reflection
          Throughout his/her term the resident will engage in shared reading, study, and reflection with the Senior Pastor, and other staff members. Shared readings will relate to the areas of ministry the resident is participating in at the time. The resident will also participate in monthly pastors’ lunch discussions.

          Within time available, the resident may take advantage of enrichment opportunities at seminaries and divinity schools near Greensboro such as Wake Forest Divinity School, Duke Divinity School, and Union Presbyterian Seminary’s Charlotte Campus

          Capstone Project (Optional)
          During the last six months of the residency, the resident may propose and lead a project that represents the knowledge and skills gained during his/her term and that addresses a need in a ministry area identified by the resident and supervisor.

          The Cynthia Price Pastoral Residency is designed to provide the pastoral resident and First Presbyterian Church with fresh perspectives and opportunities for learning and growth as well as to foster connections with the larger church. In that spirit, and to realize the full potential of the residency, First Presbyterian Church actively seeks, and will extend preference to, applications from persons outside its members and employees and beyond the Greensboro area.

          First Presbyterian Church is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All employees and applicants for employment shall be judged on the basis of qualifications and ability without regard to race, color, religion, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, age, national origin or disability, with the exception that the Church does reserve the right to hire certain staff based on religious affiliation, in compliance with state and federal law. This equal opportunity policy applies to all personnel actions, including recruiting, hiring, placement, upgrading, transfers, rates of pay, and termination of employment. For more information about the Cynthia Price Pastoral Residency of First Presbyterian Church of Greensboro, NC, please visit www.fpcgreensboro.org/PriceResidency or contact Debby Foster at dfoster@fpcgreensboro.org or 336-478-4702.

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