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Welcome to Student Life at McCormick | McCormick Theological Seminary

Welcome to Student Life at McCormick

McCormick is a place where you can engage your intellect, nurture your spirit, and care for your body as you prepare for the ministries to which God is calling you.

There are many ways for you to get involved in the life of this dynamic and diverse community, and we encourage you to find the path of engagement that feels right for you.

Join a student group
on Masters Student Council
fellowship and prayer as a Deacon
in worship life
your ideas to the Herald
Enjoy the city's cultural, eating and entertainment opportunities

McCormick is your community and wants you to be an active and engaged part of it. We know that time is in short supply, but we believe that the dynamic engagement with fellow seminarians and the city will nurture and inform your growth in faith and ministry.

At a Glance

Spiritual Formation

As persons preparing to serve the church in the world, McCormick wants your intellectual and theological development to work in concert with your practical and spiritual preparation for effective...

Vocational Ministry

The Office of Student Academics (OSA) provides current students with information and resources relevant to the vocation of ministry.

The McCormick Herald

The McCormick Herald is the student newspaper of McCormick Theological Seminary.  

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Student Life Gallery

Student Life Gallery

Community Highlights

Photos from community events and activities