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Ways to Give | McCormick Theological Seminary

Ways to Give

There are many ways to make a financial contribution to McCormick's mission.

At a Glance

Direct Aid

An individual donor or church may desire to give direct financial support to a student enrolled at the Seminary. These contributions are received in the office of student accounts. To notify us of...

Memorial and Honor Gifts

Memorial and honor gifts are welcomed and encouraged at McCormick Theological Seminary. Many people each year memorialize or honor special persons who have touched their lives with a gift to the...

Matching Gifts

What is a matching gift? This is a chance to double the impact of your contribution to McCormick Theological Seminary. Participating companies often match their employees' charitable contributions to...

Gifts of Stock

Making a gift of stock to McCormick Theological Seminary


A donor may desire to make an in-kind gift to the Seminary. For purposes of tax deductibility, the donor has responsibility to determine the value of the gift; the Seminary does not assign monetary...

Cash and Checks

To make gifts by cash or check, send your donation to: Seminary Relations and DevelopmentMcCormick Theological Seminary5460 S. University Ave.Chicago, IL 60615 Please e-mail Stephanie Moore if...

Support Field Studies

McCormick graduates are known for being creative and adaptive leaders who are ready to serve in the most challenging ministry settings.

International Learning

In order to be effective agents of transformation in the world, Christian leaders need exposure to the world. This is the premise behind international learning at McCormick.

Student Profiles

Get to know McCormick students and their passions.

Family Photos

Best of McCormick Photo Gallery

Highlights of McCormick

Explore some of McCormick's events, programs, students and faculty through this collection of photos.