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Summer Bridge Program | McCormick Theological Seminary

Summer Bridge Program

Getting to Know You! July 29, 2017.

Students in Class

Register today for the Summer Bridge Program. 

This is an important day for you to meet other incoming McCormick Students. You'll have an opportunity to meet with an advisor and begin your registration for the Fall 2017 semester. And you'll experience what it's like to be in class.

If you are not able to attend, please contact Gina Lackland at 773-947-6276 or admit@mccormick.edu to begin a conversation about alternative next steps. 

In the meantime, we would love for you to learn more about what is happening at McCormick by connecting with us on social media:

On Facebook: McCormick Theological Seminary

On Twitter: McCormick Seminary

Our student, faculty, and alumni blog: The Cure