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Staying in Chicago | McCormick Theological Seminary

Staying in Chicago

Classes take place in the McCormick Theological Seminary building, which shares a campus with the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago (LSTC). Doctor of Ministry classes and the Certificate in Environmental Leadership and Ministry (ELM) are five-day intensives, and generally run from early Monday afternoon to Friday midday, but may include evening sessions. Classes for the Certificate in Executive Leadership (CEL) run from midday Thursday until midday Sunday. While in Chicago, students will have access to the JKM library housed at LSTC. McCormick partners with nearby institutions to help provide low cost housing to students in town for course intensives. Please see the list of Area Guest Housing for location and price information, and contact the institutions listed for availability and reservations.

Our campus is located in the Hyde Park neighborhood, about 6.5 miles south of downtown Chicago. Hyde Park is also home to the University of Chicago and its Divinity School, Chicago Theological Seminary, Catholic Theological Union, Bexley Seabird Seminary, and Meadville-Lombard Theological Seminary. Hyde Park has tree-lined streets, restaurants in all price ranges, a variety of local shops, and is the Chicago home of President Barack Obama. Downtown and other points of interest are easily accessible via public transportation, and Google maps can provide up to date directions all over the city by car, bus/train, or on foot. Please see the Chicago Transit Authority’s (CTA) website for fare and route information: http://www.transitchicago.com/. Within Hyde Park, public transportation is available via the CTA or the University of Chicago’s free neighborhood shuttle service, UGo: https://safety-security.uchicago.edu/services/transportation_services/. For more information about Chicago go to Choose Chicago.

About our seminary

The Seminary in the City

McCormick Theological Seminary is located in Chicago, in the south side community of Hyde Park—home of four other distinguished seminaries and the University of Chicago. Click here for a copy of our current Annual Report.

The McCormick Student Body

Approximately 200 men and women are enrolled at McCormick Theological Seminary. They are full and part-time students, on-campus residents and commuters, and members of doctoral ministry students for intensive study.

The McCormick Faculty

The McCormick is internationally diverse—by gender, ethnicity, national origin and religious tradition. The faculty is composed of 14 full-time faculty members in four fields of study: Bible, History, Theology/Ethics and Ministry.