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Parking Information | McCormick Theological Seminary

Parking Information

Parking is available for staff, faculty, and students at McCormick Theological Seminary and the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. 

The shared parking facility provides safe, covered parking monitored by both seminaries and the University of Chicago's security teams. 

Faculty, staff, and students will pay a proximity card deposit of $35 which will be refunded upon return of the card to the McCormick receptionist. If the proximity card is lost, there will be a $50 fee. Parking packages are by either by school year terms or by semesters. 

Please download the parking application form below. Fill it out and return it to Keith Kliver on McCormick's 2nd floor, East, in person along with your initial payment, or email it to him and call for an appointment, 773-947-6260. 

Student Packages:

Students must sign up for a minimum of one semester/term. Fees will be charged once each semester/term.  

September thru May (school year): $225
September through August (includes summer term): $300
November through February (winter term only): $240
Fall Semester (September thru December): $120
January Term: $30
Spring Semester (February thru May): $120
Summer Term (June thru August): $90 

Staff and Faculty

Staff and faculty paying by check must sign up for a minium of one semester/term. Payroll deduction will be processed monthly. 

Staff fees are $35 monthly; faculty fees are $45 monthly.