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McCormick Theological Seminary Alumni/ae Benefits | McCormick Theological Seminary

McCormick Theological Seminary Alumni/ae Benefits

Besides being part of a unique tribe of individuals, graduates of McCormick Theological Seminary have access to a number of benefits to offer ongoing support of our alums' work in ministry:

Use of JKM Library. Are you going through theological library withdrawals? For area alums, you should keep taking advantages of your lifetime privileges for use of the JKM Library. For our alums far away, you also have...

Access to the ATLA database. Click here in order to request access information. The American Theological Library Association also offers a special section of resources specifically for alums.

Discounted D.Min. courses. As a way of supporting continued education, McCormick alums are eligible to receive a discount of half-off any audited Doctor of Ministry courses. Take a week away to learn more about a particular topic or issue. Subject to availability. Contact the Admissions Department at admit@mccormick.edu for more information.

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