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Matching Gifts | McCormick Theological Seminary

Matching Gifts

What is a matching gift? This is a chance to double the impact of your contribution to McCormick Theological Seminary. Participating companies often match their employees' charitable contributions to institutions and organizations. Many companies match retired employees' gifts as well.

How does it work? When you are ready to make a gift to McCormick, request a matching gift form from your company's Human Resources Office. Send that form with your gift to McCormick Theological Seminary. The Seminary will process the matching gift form and will notify you when we receive the gift from your employer. 

Please e-mail Stephanie Moore or call her at 773-947-6282 for questions or additional information. 

Laetitia Wells, Minister,
Class of 2010

“McCormick offers a quality education that has exceeded all of my expectations. It has been a wonderful journey filled with self-discovery and promise.”

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