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Masters Admission Requirements and Guidelines | McCormick Theological Seminary

Masters Admission Requirements and Guidelines

McCormick Theological Seminary welcomes applications from qualified persons for admission to its masters level programs.  McCormick Theological Seminary does not prescribe a specific pre-theological course. It is expected that previous education and experience have prepared the applicant in oral and written communication skills, to think clearly, to enter into his or her spiritual and cultural heritage, and to understand the world in which he or she lives.

At a Glance

Admission Requirements

Prospective students seeking admission to the Master of Divinity, Master of Theological Studies, Master of Arts in Urban Ministry or Master of Arts in Discipleship Development programs at McCormick...

Post-Admissions Procedures

Prior to matriculation students will be expected to: Provide a confidential statement of personal health and evidence of current required immunizations. Complete the relevant English language...

Application for Admission

An application for admission to a Masters degree program at McCormick Theological Seminary is ready for consideration when the Recruitment and Admissions Office receives: A completed application...

International Applicants

McCormick Theological Seminary welcomes qualified students from other countries to its masters-level degree programs.

Admission Process and Deadlines for Masters Degrees

McCormick adheres to a rolling admissions process beginning in September and culminating in July. Each month, the Faculty Committee on Admissions will review completed applications. Upon completion...

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