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The Institute for Cross-Cultural Theological Education | McCormick Theological Seminary

The Institute for Cross-Cultural Theological Education

The Institute was established in 2008 by McCormick’s Board of Trustees to provide resources and promote research related to the preparation for ministry in racially and culturally diverse contexts.

The Global Survey is now available. Find it here!

The Institute’s objectives are both internal and external to McCormick. The internal objectives focus on faculty development (pedagogy for diverse classrooms, understanding and sensitivity to issues of race, and privilege, and intercultural competence) and preparation of all students for ministry in racially and culturally diverse locations.

The external objectives of the Institute have to do with promoting research and providing resources and opportunities for networking with the wider theological education community. The Institute’s external initiatives have included the following: 

ACTS Faculty Project. The Institute received a grant from the Wabash Center in 2011 to undertake a two-year project with faculty of the Association of Chicago Theological Schools to examine issues and experiences in cross-cultural and anti-racist theological education.

Global Survey on Theological Education. In October 2011, the Institute launched a major research project designed to gather data and perspectives on all forms of theological education from every Christian tradition in every part of the world. The project was undertaken in partnership with the World Council of Churches and the Center for the Study of Global Christianity. The initial report on the results of the Survey was released in August 2013.


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