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Global Conversations | McCormick Theological Seminary

Global Conversations

Each week during the academic year, the LRWC host Global Conversations. These are one hour conversations lead by students, faculty, or special guests on a topic that is global and concerns their community, and by extension our local one.

The LRWC offers soup and bread at each conversation and asks for a donation. Usually few people pay, but what we do collect contributes the Food for Life Program at 1st Presbyterian Church where the LRWC director and the Spouse Group provide a monthly meal. We only began to make digitized recordings of the conversations in the fall of 2010. But from now we will continue to do that, so if you are interested in the conversation, perhaps want to invite one of your presenters to your church, or just want to continue the conversation, please contact the LRWC. 

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International Student Resources

International students are an important and valuable part of the McCormick Community.  For more international student resources, such as registrar and community information, see the Office of Student Affairs page: International Student Resources.