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Financial Information | McCormick Theological Seminary

Financial Information

Payment Policies and Procedures

It is McCormick Theological Seminary’s policy that all tuition charges are due and payable at the time a student registers for courses. No student may register for a course until all previous charges due to the Seminary are paid in full.

Students have up to 30 days to pay tuition charges and fees without penalty. After the 30-day grace period, a service fee of 1 percent per month on the outstanding balance will be charged.

McCormick Theological Seminary does not have payment plans. However, as an alternative to paying in full, students may establish a payment plan with Academic Management Services.

Academic Management Services (AMS) provides high-quality, low-cost innovative solutions to assist students in paying for their seminary education. For those unable to pay their educational costs at the beginning of each quarter, AMS offers a simple and convenient payment plan. There is an annual participation fee of $65, but no other service or interest charges. The Student Financial Planning Office will assist students in determining their annual expenses. We will require those students living in seminary housing to include rent in their payment plan.

In addition to offering manageable and convenient monthly payments, AMS provides automatic life insurance to cover the balance of the budgeted amount and a toll-free number for inquiries. An automatic check withdrawal and a credit line are also available.

If charges are to be paid to the Seminary by a church or agency rather than by the student, the student is responsible to see that the church or agency makes payment when due. Failure of the church or agency to pay the charges does not relieve the student of responsibility for
payment of such charges.

The Finance Office will issue monthly statements listing charges (courses, fees, housing), payments, grants, and the total amount due to those students with an amount due, with credit balances sent every other month. Regardless of when statements are issued, students are responsible for prompt payment of all charges to their account.

Students who fail to pay account balances or are not current in their AMS payment plan may not register, attend classes, or receive a transcript until all charges have been paid. All tuition, rent, fees, and any other charges, including those owed to the JKM Library, must be paid in full before a candidate is approved for graduation.

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