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Certificate in Executive Leadership 2017-2018 | McCormick Theological Seminary

Certificate in Executive Leadership 2017-2018

This highly acclaimed Certificate in Executive Leadership program equips pastors and other key leaders of Christian institutions, both congregations and broader church or non-profit systems, with the skills and abilities vital for effective leadership in today’s rapidly changing landscape. The program emphasizes the development of adaptive and transformational skills, and draws on contemporary leadership theory and practice, as well as McCormick’s recognized excellence in providing theological education and its thirty-five years of experience in organizational development and leadership education. 

See the links for an application and sample syllabus below!

Who Will Benefit: 

Pastors (head-of-staff,  APs, solo, or executive) interested in transformational leadership skills
Executives and staff of denominational structures experiencing change
Clergy and Lay Leaders and staff of church-based community ministries


Course Work: 

Session I:  Leadership Foundations: What is Leadership?  Who Are You as a Leader?
September 21 - 23, 2017 

Subject matter will include the rapidly changing environment of leadership and the student’s context; cultural considerations; and the imperative that any kind of transformational leadership must begin with the transformation of self.

Session II:  Leadership contexts and systems:  You’re Not in This Alone
November 16 - 18, 2017

Subject matter will include organizational culture; group dynamics; systems theory; and how to step outside systems in order to view them objectively.

Session III:  Leadership Challenge: Where Are We Going, and How Will We Get There?

Febrary 1 - 3, 2018

Subject matter will include identification of values; vision development; strategic planning; and an exploration of emerging models and practices in adaptive leadership.

Session IV:  Leadership: Change, Conflict, and Collaboration
April 12- 14, 2018

Subject matter will include: leadership in adaptive change, collaborative leadership in voluntary-association types of organizations in times of change, and transformation-oriented approaches to managing conflict.

Benefits: Students will

Strengthen their knowledge and sharpen their critical thinking skills through an examination of foundational leadership theory and practice in culturally-attentive ways.

Apply knowledge and evaluate results through collaboration with faculty and peers both in the classroom and in between-session work applicable to each student's place of ministry..

Will explore transformational leadership skills --  the ability to address current pressing issues as well as to meet unknown challenges yet to come.

Acquire insights into who they are, how God has gifted them as a leader, and their roles in relationship to others, through self-assessment and feedback from faculty and peers.

Develop an interactive peer network of colleagues through their classroom and between-session discussions and work.

Admissions Requirements:

A Bachelor’s Degree is highly recommended; an M.Div. or other advanced degree is not required. 

Applicants must hold active leadership responsibility at a place of ministry at the time of enrollment.

Applicants must also provide a letter of recommendation from the pastor, other person in leadership in the place of ministry, or from the board that oversees the particular ministry.     

Tuition: $1,800.00.  A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of application; the full tuition may be paid in two installments. Housing, meals and transportation are additional costs. Applications will be accepted beginning January 1, 2017. Application deadline is August 1, 2017 or when all space are filled.   


Contact Information

Please contact Courtney Jacobson at cjacobson@mccormick.edu if you have questions about our certificate courses.

Continuing Education Events

Certificate in Executive Leadership 2017 - 2018 Registration will open on January 1, 2017. Don't delay! The cohort may fill quickly.