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The Center for the Study of Latin@ Theology and Ministry | McCormick Theological Seminary

The Center for the Study of Latin@ Theology and Ministry

The Center for the Study of Latin@ Theology and Ministry contributes to the theological and ministerial formation of Latin@s and non-Latin@s working in Hispanic ministries and theological education by planning courses, conferences, and lectures with other McCormick centers and other institutions in the Chicago area. The Center seeks to involve Latin@ scholars, ministers, and seminarians in envisioning new models of theologies, mission, and leadership that are public, intercultural, ecumenical and holistic.

The Center for the Study of Latin@ Theology and Ministry is committed to providing programs, services, and resources aimed at strengthening the formation and renewal of Latin@ theological education, church leaders, and congregations.  At the heart of its mission is the development of models of Latin@ theologies, leadership, and ministries that are public, holistic, liberating, and intercultural.

The Center carries out its mission in four areas:

  • Theological Education:  Provides courses in English and Spanish on issues related to Latin@ and Latin American contexts, theologies and ministry; invites occasional presentations by Latin@ scholars and community activists working in Chicago, promotes the Hispanic Summer Program; co-sponsors educational events with other Chicago higher education institutions; cooperates with Oasis in the theological training of pastors working with people with HIV/AIDS; offers the Certificate in Latin@Theology and Ministry in partnership with the Asamblea Apostolica de la fe en Christ Jesus.
  • Reflection and Scholarship:  Organizes an annual lecture series; promotes theological and pastoral reflection and scholarship through “think tanks” of Latin@ scholars and ministerial practitioners; develops local and national consultations and conferences; supports student forums.
  • Research:  Conducts, commissions, and/or collaborates with research focused on its mission interests. (The Center has been in collaboration with the Center for the Study of Latino Religion of Notre Dame University and the Center for the Study of Latin@ Catholicism of the University of San Diego.)
  • Publications:  The Center publishes printed and electronic resources focused on its mission interests in order to share its work with a wider audience.

The Center for the Study of Latin@ Theology and Ministry, established in 2003, is the successor of the Hispanic Ministries Program, which began in 1973.  The work of the Center is an expression of McCormick’s longstanding commitment to the formation of Latin@ churches and theological leaders.  More than 250 Latin@s have received masters and doctor of ministry degrees from McCormick.

The Center supports the work of McCormick Latin@ students and the Latin American Student Association (AELM) and contributes to the training of non-Hispanic seminarians and church leaders with a vocation to work in Latin@ communities and congregations.  The Center also works in collaboration with McCormick’s Institute for Cross Cultural Theological Education, Center for African American Ministries and Black Church Studies, Asian American Ministry Center, and the Language Resource and Writing Center at McCormick. The Center’s mission has been recognized and supported by the Henry Luce Foundation.


For more information, contact:

Rev. Daniel Rodriguez-Diaz, Ph. D.



(773) 947-6311


Ms. Priscilla Rodriquez

Administrative Coordinator


(773) 947-6310

Se habla español.

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