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Alumni/ae Relations | McCormick Theological Seminary

Alumni/ae Relations

Where in the world are McCormick Alumni/ae?

We are everywhere! Doing all sorts of amazing, wonderful work in the church and the broader community. How do I know this? Because I have the privilege of:
* receiving updates and announcements. Share yours!
* connecting with alums during McCormick in Motion events. 
* reviewing with the Alumni/ae Council the Distinguished Alum Nominations.
* posting and reading statuses on Facebook and Twitter.
* sharing your stories with McCormick Students in our weekly Alum Corner

Aside from all this, I am an alumna, who is still excited and inspired by our cross-cultural, urban, Reformed, and ecumenical alma mater. McCormick needs your witness and your support as we continue to lead change and engage minds! 

And in turn, McCormick supports you by offering Alum Benefits, a job board, and continuing education resources and monthly events

Please visit us regularly and consider an online gift! With more than 5,400 McCormick alums throughout the world, you are never alone!


Rev. Nannette Banks
Director of Alumni/ae and Church Relations

At a Glance

Need a Transcript?

No problem! 

Download the Transcript Request, fill it out and return it to:

Chandra Wade, Registrar
McCormick Theological Seminary
5460 S. University Ave.
Chicago, IL 60615 

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Let us know what has been going on in your life; new life, new jobs, or anything else you want to share.

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