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Affiliate Faculty | McCormick Theological Seminary

Affiliate Faculty

McCormick’s affiliate faculty combine the practice of ministry with seminary teaching. Recognized as leaders in their fields, affiliate faculty bring innovation and experience to the classroom.


Affiliate Faculty

Field of Study

Linda Eastwood

Eastwood, Linda

Intersections of Science and Theology

Sharon Ellis Davis

Ellis Davis, Sharon


Janaan Hashim

Hashim, Janaan

Religious Pluralism, Islam, Arabic

Elizabeth Hopp-Peters

Hopp-Peters, Elizabeth

Hebrew Bible, Jeremiah

Dae Sung Kim

Kim, Dae Sung

Director of the Korean-American Doctor of Ministry Cohort;

Ann Rosewall

Rosewall, Ann

Ministry, Pastoral Care

Daniel Schipani

Schipani, Daniel

DMin, Pastoral Care

Frank Thomas

Thomas, Frank

Ministry, Homiletics