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Academics | McCormick Theological Seminary


Welcome to Academic Programs at McCormick Theological Seminary — education that is Cross-Cultural, Urban, Reformed, and Ecumenical.

We are committed to fostering a community of Christian leadership that serves diverse ministries and congregations in a challenging and complex world. Through academic excellence, critical reflection, and transforming witness, McCormick Theological Seminary uniquely equips Church leaders for faithful, inclusive, and liberating ministries in God’s world.

At a Glance

Certificate Programs

McCormick Seminary is committed to the continuing education of the whole people of God, providing opportunities and resources for all those involved in ministry and with a commitment to grow deeper...

Experiential Education

Experiential and field education program at McCormick Theological Seminary.

Learning Resource Directory

McCormick Theological Seminary has a strong commitment to cross-cultural, ecumenical, and urban ministry. The focused ministry programs are integral to the mission of the Seminary through recruiting...

Masters and D.Min Degrees

Catalog information on Masters-level, Doctor of Ministry and Certificate in Theological Studies Programs

Korean D.Min Program 한국어

“맥코믹의 목회학 박사 과정은 교회와 기관, 그리고 학생 스스로를 변화하게 합니다.”   맥코믹 신학교의 한국어 목회학 박사 과정은 한인 목회자들이 언어의 제한 없이 맥코믹 신학대학원의 목회학 박사 과정에 참여함으로 신학적 역량과 실천적 영성의 증진을 통하여 자신과 교회, 그리고 선교를 위한 학문과 목회를 준비하는 교육입니다.  ...

On-line Registration Instructions

On-line Registration Instructions from on Vimeo.

McCormick Accreditation

McCormick Theological Seminary is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) and by the Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada (ATS).

Academic Photo Gallery

Academic Programs Photo Gallery

Academic Highlights

Students and faculty learning together in and out of the classroom.